Our Services:

Overnight Care

Overnight Newborn Care:

Nurturing care to newborns and evidence-based postpartum education in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Silver Spring and beyond. A typical overnight is 10pm-7am. During this time our Nurses & Caregivers are awake and alert feeding, changing, soothing and monitoring our single babies & twins. Our nurses also provide postpartum mental and physical health support to mothers and their partners. 

Please read our COVID19 and Ongoing Safety Protocols here; the health and safety of our families and team is the most important thing to us. Our team also carries all vaccinations and yearly flu shots, and receives continuing education from our government approved newborn care instruction and the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

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In Home Postpartum Visits

Virtual or In-Home Postpartum Visits

Two- hour visits by a Registered Nurse to teach newborn care, feeding, safety and postpartum support. Grandparents and caregivers are welcome too! A typical visit includes:

  • safe sleep
  • diapering & dressing
  • feeding support; breastfeeding, pumping, formula and bottle feeding
  • bathing and answering all new parents’ questions
  • head to toe assessement of mother
  • head to toe assessment of baby
  • partner care

    Online & In Person Newborn Care Courses:

    We hold a government contract in Fairfax Co. to teach Newborn Care Provider (NCP) courses. Classes are offered through Fairfax County Adult Education and are also available online. While other certificates are given through private companies, ours is the only Newborn Care Training Certificate approved by governmental and non-profit educational entities. Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides, nannies and expecting parents are encouraged to take this class.

    Corporate Benefits: Postpartum Care

    Corporate Benefits:

    Is your company looking for an innovative employee benefit? We might be it!

    Join Inova Health, the employees of Fairfax Co. and others in offering overnight newborn care and In-Home Postpartum Visits to your employees. This simple program allows employers to extend Home Visits by an RN or Overnight Baby Nurse care to expecting and new parents by the month, week or night.  Our program was featured on TODAY.com and Parents Magazine! 


    Sleep Registry & Gift Certificates

    Sleep Registry™ & Gift Certificates:

    Let Mommy Sleep is pleased to present an innovative, practical and green alternative to the traditional baby registry…The Sleep Registry™.

    Like a customary baby registry, loved ones contribute to your account online. Unlike a traditional registry, funds contributed are used to purchase something truly needed; hours of overnight newborn care service!

    Friends and family may purchase blocks of sleep and your Sleep Registry is updated each time a gift is received.