About Us:

We've been the authority on in-home newborn care and postpartum education in the DC and Maryland area since 2010.  Our Registered Nurses (RN) and Newborn Care Providers (NCP) give postpartum support to families with single babies, twins and triplets. Our role is to help parents be confident and healthy while providing high-level, professional care to infants.

We serve all of Montgomery Co. including:  Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Silver Spring and Frederick. Please read our COVID19 and ongoing safety protocols here. 


How are you handling COVID19?

Yes, we are currently being vaccinated! Even during non-covid times we practice stringent safety and health protocols but during the pandemic we have added the following procedures:

  • Masks - All caregivers wear masks even after receiving the COVID19 vaccine.
  • Change of Clothing - Caregivers remove outer layer of clothing upon arrival
  • Temperature Checks - Body temperature is routinely monitored
  • One Family at a Time - Caregivers work with one family at a time to minimize exposure between clients.
  • Quarantining - We quarantine for 7-10 days between families.
  • COVID Clean Floors - Registered Nurses working with our families work on “covid clean” only floors in hospital and are routinely tested.

We're continually updating our safety procedures as the situation evolves, you can stay updated and learn more here.

Where are you located?

Our office is in Walkersville, MD and we serve Montgomery, Carroll, Howard and Frederick Counties.  If you'd like care outside of these areas, one of our other offices can help!

What licenses and insurance do you have?

Did you know there is no specific license to care for 5 or fewer babies/children at a time?  That's why whenever possible, we hire clinically trained caregivers who are licensed through their state's Board of Nursing.  Licensure ensures we have a record of the caregiver's history, in addition to background checking. 

Our agency also holds a government contract award to teach Newborn Care via Fairfax County Adult Continuing Education program as well as organizations such as Nurse Next Door and other area nanny agencies. Our Nurses are all clinically licensed as well.

Let Mommy Sleep also carries malpractice, errors & omissions, general liability insurance and workers compensation for the peace of mind of our staff and families.

What exactly happens overnight?

Nurses or Overnight Newborn Care Providers (NCP) feed, soothe, bathe, change and provide all other gentle care to baby through the night. We also provide evidence-based, non-judgmental education and ongoing support to parents. This means we:

  • Diaper, feeding, burp, soothe, swaddle, bathe etc.
  • help with postpartum and baby care education
  • support getting baby on a schedule and sleeping through the night if that is the parents’ goal
  • help mother recuperate from birth physically and emotionally
  • support and educate on postpartum anxiety, depression and "baby blues" 

What do I need to provide while the nurse is here?

We just need a comfortable area to monitor baby and easy access to water, formula, milk, bottles, a nasal aspirator, diapers and whatever other items baby needs. A completely dark nursery doesn't work, and we promise a small light will not hinder baby's sleep.

Who are your staff exactly...how do you vet them?

  1. Background checks, Nursing license look-up’s and sparkling references
  2. Updated MMR, TDaP and flu shots are required to work with us. (If you're hiring outside care, please ask if your caregiver is up to date on vaccinations!)
  3. The covid vaccine is required when available. 
  4. Experience - we provide continuing education but expect our team to be experts in care prior to hiring. We do not train inexperienced caregivers and then send them to families. 

Our caregivers who are not licensed have either years of private duty or infant room experience and have passed the Newborn Care Provider (NCP) certificate program that is part of the Fairfax Co. Home Health Curriculum.

Our Registered Nurses (RN’s), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Medical Technicians and Certified Nursing Assistants are all licensed through the VA, DC or MD Boards of Nursing. This means they have had clinical training and are accountable to the State Board of Nursing. Licensure serves as a secondary background check. While the term postpartum doula has become more familiar to parents, we are a little different than doulas in that we lean more clinical in care.

How do you support breastfeeding? 

In the first night’s home from the hospital your LMS Nurse offers lactation support through your breastfeeding session to ensure nursing is off to a successful start.  She will then provide all care after baby has nursed; changing, burping, diapering and soothing back to sleep. The goal is for parents to never get out of bed unless they want to.  We also prepare and sterilize the pump and leave bottles ready to go if needed. 

Many find night nanny support especially helpful in the 6th - 12th weeks when baby is more wakeful after feeding. 

What about formula feeding? 

We support all feeding decisions, and you won't feel any judgement or pressure to feed any certain way. We'll prepare formula, clean and sterilize bottles and leave you all set with bottles for the day.

Can you help me with my twins or triplets? 

Yes! We adore multiples and 1 caregiver can get the babies on the same schedule and provide all gentle care overnight. We understand preemies, reflux and all the other challenges and joy twins bring. 

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes! We have a Sleep RegistryTM  which allows friends and family to donate to new parent accounts for NO charge. Gift Certificates are also available and make great office or group gifts for expecting parents. 

How do I know what's happening through the night? 

We have our own in-house App called LMS Live. This charting system documents babies feeding times, duration, diapers, time back to sleep and all other notes about baby's night.  This allows our families to have a real-time log of baby's activity and also allows us to see patterns emerging related to baby's sleep. We email you this info every morning.

We also use a good old pencil and paper, so families have the information in written form as well. And we're happy to use whatever App you may be using as well!

What do you do for the community?

Mission Sleep: Our non-profit Mission: Sleep provides free, overnight newborn care to military families and first responders where one partner is deployed, wounded or deceased when baby is born. Donations are always welcome. Because Mission Sleep is run through our admin office, over 90% of your donation goes toward providing care. 

Advocacy: We continue to lobby and work with Medicare, Virginia and Washington DC reps to fight for 2-hour postpartum visits for all families. Senator Tim Kaine formally supports our non-profit efforts, and we continue to communicate with our local reps to lower maternal mortality rates and reduce hospital readmissions.